I Now Want a Zoom Lens

I’ve come to realize that like great shoes, a gal can’t have too many great lenses.  I thought I was pretty happy with the lenses I currently own.  I have a nice UWA lens- the Tamron 10-24mm, a nifty fifty for portrait shots, a Canon 17-40mm f4L for group shots and my kit lens (the Canon 28-135mm) which serves as a good walk around lens.

Sure, I’m still dreaming about getting the Canon 24-70mm but other than wanting that, I felt like I had the equipment I needed.  Well, that was until I went to watch my niece play softball.

I was able to get some nice shots, but all I could think was how much better they could have been if I were able to zoom in closer.  So next on my list, a zoom lens.  Any recommendations?


My niece, rounding second base.

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