I Heart Faces Beach Photo Challenge

I recently found iheartfaces, a great photography site with terrific tips and information. They have a photo challenge each week and this week’s challenge is Beach Fun.  This is the first time I’ve entered a photo, so wish me luck!

The photo below is of my daughter and her best gal pal.  I love how they are holding hands walking in the surf.

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We are two moms with a passion for photography and for connecting with others. Come and click with us!
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4 Responses to I Heart Faces Beach Photo Challenge

  1. Pol says:

    Lovely! They will treasure this memory always

  2. Lisa says:

    I agree! LOVE how they are holding hands. What a sweet photo.

  3. Feath says:

    Thank you for your comment on my Fix It Fridays!! I have enjoyed reading your site and I see that you got the iHeartFaces button up and running 🙂 I love this picture of the girls holding hands…makes me think of myself and my childhood best friend…adorable!

  4. toadmum says:

    I just love this photo! It’s one they will hold dear to their hearts forever.


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