Creating Watermarks

Last week I decided to try and figure out how to create a watermark for our photos. After doing several searches on the web, I went to the school of YouTube and found this great tutorial by Kwerner Design blog.

What I like about her video is that she shows you how to turn an existing logo or image into a watermark using Photoshop Elements.  As I’ve said before, my knowledge of Photoshop/Photoshop Elements is limited, so I was excited to find a video that was simple and easy to follow.

In a matter of minutes I was able to create a great little watermark using the banner image from our family photography website Case-Rust Photography and another one for fun using Moms Who Click.  It was super easy to do!  If you are wanting to create a watermark for your images, I highly recommend checking out her video!

Moms Who Click Watermark

Like This!

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