More Test Shots with the 24-70mm Canon Lens

I’ve been wanting the Canon 24-70mm Lens for quite some time now.  The main thing holding me back from taking the plunge is the high price tag–the lens alone costs $1,300.  Fortunately, I had the opportunity to try out the lens because I won a contest on I Heart Faces.

I’ve had the lens for almost a week (my prize was a free week’s rental from Aperturent) and I have been taking shots to see if this lens is really worth the investment.   Overall, I would say yes.  Although I have to admit, I am not as blown away by it as I thought I would be.  I had read so many reviews from photographer who love it,  that I thought I would immediately agree.

But that said, the more I have played with it the more I believe that I’d like to add it to my lens collection.  What I like is that I’m able to get amazing bokeh (the blurred background) as well as the ability to zoom in all with one lens.    Plus the colors seem more vivid.

Here are a few photos that I took last night.  It was right at dusk (6:30 p.m.).  These images are straight out of the camera.  (Thankfully, my daughter doesn’t seem to mind it when I ask her to go on a photo walk with me.  My sons are a different story).

I loved all the textures going on behind her–Aperture Priority 3.0
Check out that bokeh! I was on Aperture Priority 3.5
Aperture Priority 5.0


If you have this lens, please tell me what you think about it.  Is it your go to lens? Would you buy it again?  Would you trade it in for something else?  How do you use it?  For portraits?  Family photography?  I’d love your feedback to help me decide which way to go.

My week trial ends Thursday, so I better go out and snap some more photos!

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2 Responses to More Test Shots with the 24-70mm Canon Lens

  1. Kristen says:

    Do you recommend this lens? I only have a kit lens, a 28-90, and a 50mm 1.8, I’m wondering what I should get next!

    • momswhoclick says:

      I did really like it. It allows you to zoom and get great bokeh. I think this will be my next lens purchase. Just need a little more $$. I wish it didn’t have such a hefty price tag. I recommend renting it and trying it out first.

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