Tiny Prints: We Are Open For Business!

Click to see our Tiny Prints Store!

As photographers, my business partner and I are always looking for ways to offer wonderful new products to our customers.  We have our favorite photo lab just 30 minutes south of us in Santa Cruz, and now we have our favorite custom card and photo album company just north of us in Mountain View.

From our perspective, we respect that both of these companies that we do business with started out small, just like our photography business.  They “get” us; they know what we are going through as a small company.  Their customer service is excellent and they also understand what our customers want to see in their products.

Last year, as our studio was growing, we became affiliates of Tiny Prints.  In our second year of doing business with them we’ve seen some great programs.  They make it so easy to create a storefront and show off our favorite cards from their vast selection of designs.  From holidays to baby announcements, to customer invites – you name we have it, at Tiny Prints!

Check out this link to view some of the best of their holiday cards.  www.tinyprints.com/photo-cards.htm.  And, more importantly, check out our new Tiny Prints Storefront:  www.tinyprints.com/storefront/ptf (PTF is for Picture This Fundraising).

We are offering our friends, family and customers a wonderful 20% discount.  To get the CODE, drop us an email at: caserustphotography@me.com.  The coupon is good through 12/31/2010, so hurry and get your cards ready before anyone else you know and impress them with beautifully made, custom photo cards from Tiny Prints!

P.S. Oh, the other fun fact about Tiny Prints is the co-founder, Kelly Burger, attended the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, just like my business partner.  There’s something about those Midwesterners and their never-ending supply of creativity and having an eye for great shots!

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We are two moms with a passion for photography and for connecting with others. Come and click with us!
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One Response to Tiny Prints: We Are Open For Business!

  1. Laura says:

    I ordered my son’s birth announcements from Tiny Prints almost four years ago now. My gosh the time flies! They were amazing, and the announcements turned out so beautifully. What a great company to partner with!

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