DIY Camera Bag

Days after I put in the big order for my gorgeous turquoise Belle Epiphanie bag, I stumbled across Little Miss Famous’ DIY bag via I Heart Faces.

I was so impressed by her cleverness, that I quickly emailed the link to my ultra crafty mom (who is now somewhat tech savvy–she knows how to do email AND book airline tickets), to put in a Christmas gift request.

Anyway, being impatient (who can wait until Christmas???) I decided to make one myself–like shoes, a gal can not have too many camera bags (I think I now am up to 6–egads, do not tell my husband!).

So using the helpful tips from Little Miss Famous as well as numerous other tips from DIYers, (Google “DIY camera bag”and you will find a plethora of crafty, clever photographers), I made this sassy, patent pleather bag!

Love the shiny look of patent leather!

Room for the necessities!

My total cost was $33–$22 for the bag, $7 for the foam, $4 for the material.   I already had the hot glue gun and glue sticks.  This was a total no-sew project. I did buy velcro for all of the foam pieces but decided I didn’t really need it, the foam pieces fit together nicely without it.

This was a great project for a rainy afternoon and only took me about an hour (and a few blisters). While I doubt I would use this for a big photo shoot, it will come in handy when I go out with friends or up to The City and want to schlep my camera in a safe, padded bag.

Now, I’m eyeing the other purses cluttering my closet.   I have a feeling I will be making some foam inserts for my super cute brown Coach bag soon, too!


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2 Responses to DIY Camera Bag

  1. Karin Poulter says:

    LOVE the bag! What a great idea!

  2. Alex says:

    Love it love it love it! So creative!

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